Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A new group blog for our RNAseq analyses

I've revived this blog (discarding the old unwanted posts) to use as a way for the members of the Redfield Lab (and past member Josh Mell) to communicate with each other about our analyses of our massive new RNAseq dataset.

It's one component of my planned communication system:

Group blog: The Sense Strand (great name, right?).  Each of us needs to post here to tell the others what we've done and what we've learned.  These posts should be in plain English, this is not a place for data files or code.

Gene-info: We have a big table of information about the known competence genes, and I'm going to convert this into a Google Docs spreadsheet that we all can edit, adding new genes and new information as we develop it.

Shared data files: I've created a shared folder on Google Drive, where we all will post copies of the useful data files we generate.

Code repository:  Finally, I've just learned how to create a shared code repository on GitHub (I'm doing the short Coursera course A Data Scientist's Toolbox, in preparation for their short R Programming course.)  We'll all use this to archive copies of the code we use to do our analyses.

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